Reblog if no one has a crush on you.

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OCTOBER 14th - United Center - Chicago, IL

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Some things you should remind yourself daily

  • Your tummy is great
  • You have really nice legs
  • You have a really beautiful face
  • Your hair looks rad
  • You’re good enough
  • Your body is 100% normal and acceptable.
  • It’s yours and you should decorate it how you want
  • You’re hella cute


"After setting record ratings for FX with the premiere of Freak Show, American Horror Story has been renewed for a fifth season."

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Demi being goofy during Photo Shoot For NYC New York Color Cosmetics.

Numb (feat. Angel Haze)
Artist: Nick Jonas
Album: Numb (feat. Angel Haze)
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Nick Jonas – Numb (feat. Angel Haze)

when my dad acts like a four year old :\